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Launched in London in 2011, Vanessa Gounden is a luxury womenswear brand, with Vanessa herself as Creative Director and the inspiration behind the brand’s artistry. Sold worldwide, Vanessa Gounden will open its first flagship store in the United Kingdom in Spring 2015, located in the heart of London’s Mayfair district.


Vanessa’s signature style combines bold prints and patterns with innovative tailoring techniques, such as 3D layering. Her work is handcrafted in the finest luxurious fabrics and

embellished with hand painted buttons, beading and embroidery. Vanessa designs her work for intelligent, glamorous, spirited women where classic styles endure over trends. Each collection centres around a concept that is close to Vanessa’s heart, the narrative beautifully created on garments with such attention to detail, each piece retains its sense of bespoke individuality.


Vanessa Gounden, Creative Director

Born and raised in the era of apartheid in South Africa, Vanessa’s early upbringing and experiences in the townships made her determined to break through the glass ceiling. Her hard work and determination paid off and she went on to gain a university degree and become a successful entrepreneur in post-apartheid SA. Hardship and segregation have had a lasting impression on Vanessa, moving her to serve under Nelson Mandela, helping to build a new South Africa following the first democratic elections in 1994.

Her ebullient spirit, passion for social issues, love of art and innate creativity have all drawn Vanessa to the world of fashion. It is unsurprising then that her signature prints are conceptual and challenging with each print an elaborate canvas to create awareness of social and political issues. Her strong sense of colour and aesthetics has its roots in her childhood, from the rose farm where she worked, to the expansive dramatic landscapes and vibrant African culture.


Signature Luxury

Vanessa combines original artworks and photography to create highly individual and contemporary prints. Her work is easily distinguished by its meticulous attention to detail and luxurious fabrics. Also signature to the brand and present in every collection is the Vanessa Trench, a coat dress cut with strong classic feminine silhouette.


Talent Development

With a strong sense of citizenship and responsibility, Vanessa is committed to uncover and sponsor new artists as well as train and employ craftsman, tailors and seamstresses in fine skills and pattern matching. Artistry and techniques already used in Vanessa Gounden creations have revived bygone textile skills and provided employment to local artisans not only in her South African based Atelier but in various parts of the world where unique talent is discovered and nurtured.



Atelier Vanessa Gounden also offers limited edition pieces and a bespoke service for individual clients.


To be worn with attitude.



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