The process of creating unique Vanessa Gounden garments is a family affair.


As a brand, we always want to showcase the many facets of the creative process. Sustainable and ethical labour practices should not be a contested topic in the fashion industry because human beings should be treated with the dignity that they deserve.


Vanessa Gounden is a not just a Worldwide renowned luxury fashion brand but a conscious fashion house that embraces ethical and fair-trade luxury fashion. 


Every hand -made Vanessa Gounden creation is made one by one and is passed through the hands of our fair-trade artisan seamstresses through all stages to maintain exceptional standards of impeccable quality.

Our ethical labour practices empower and educate underprivileged/disadvantaged women and men and preserve artisanal couture traditions that have been lost along the way. 


We are not fast fashion but intelligent fashion. Sustainability is key in being able to progress in the ever-evolving retail sector.

Fashion should have meaning and purpose to the world we live in. All of our pattern - making, cutting and sewing is done by local seamstresses in South Africa. 


Vanessa was born and still lives in South Africa thereby is still closely connected to her roots through fashion.

She believes that supporting the growth of our countries manufacturing and textile industry will maximize the industry's export footprint and in return create further jobs and opportunities.


We are passionate about creating jobs and empowering disadvantaged women and men. Most of our hourly workers are paid more than minimum wage. 

We also provide on the job training and opportunities for growth.

Our manufacturing team consists of a majority of women who we aim to empower through the practice of fair and safe labor.

Every stitch of our garments is made by compassionate and caring hands.


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