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Vanessa Gounden

Spring / Summer 2020

The Mama Said Collection

Mama Always Said ...

The new Vanessa Gounden Collection is a fearless, bright, sexy and timeless collection that is inspired by Western ranchers, gauchos and the dramatic romanticism of the flamenco culture, befitting of a dedication to the most special people in our lives, our mothers. Their fearlessness, unwavering love and protection has shaped us into who we are today.

Both cultures, beloved by Vanessa, inspired and a type of freedom and strength for the new season. Bright yellows and limes are complemented by lavender and soft pinks. Feathers, leather and lace accentuate the fabrics of the garment, wild florals and geometric prints lay the foundation for a stand out collection.

Tassel jackets, matching sets, linen suits and sequence gowns thread the story of independence and the beauty of the female rebellious spirit.

Stand tall and proud in whatever you do, because as mama says ... shoot for the moon!

This collection is a special dedication from Caelyn to her maverick mother, Vanessa. Whose love knows no bounds and whose rebellious and tenacious spirit has given a home to many creatives and whose spirit has built an entire fashion ecosystem.